Boyle on Bond?

After leading a movie like SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE to such Oscar success (including Best Director), Danny Boyle could pretty much have his pick of projects to work on next. He could come up with an original concept and get it financed almost immediately. Or he could take the big paycheck and put his stamp on a big tentpole movie. Personally I'd prefer the former but The Sun is reporting that the latter is a definite possibility. Word out of England is that Boyle has been offered the job directing the 23rd James Bond movie. The producers are currently working on the follow-up to QUANTUM OF SOLACE and have reportedly put out an offer to Boyle to direct the next 007 adventure. Of course this is coming from tabloid The Sun who doesn't exactly have a reputation as being reputable. That said, I think it's a pretty inspired choice for a director and would reunite Boyle with his THE BEACH producer Callum McDougal. What do you guys think?

Extra Tidbit: If you've never seen Boyle's directorial debut SHALLOW GRAVE you should give it a Neflix.
Source: The Sun



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