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Brad Peyton and James Wan are bringing Malignant Man to Fox


malignant man

MALIGNANT MAN is making the jump from the Boom! Studios comic pages to the big screen, and Brad Peyton, who helmed SAN ANDREAS and will be back for the next round of earthquakes in SAN ANDREAS 2, is on-board to direct the adapatation with James Wan producing (Wan also co-created the source material). 

For those of you unfamiliar with MALIGNANT MAN - and I'm sure there are a few of you - the comic revolves around the character of Alex Gates, a man suffering from a terminal illness who has come to terms with his inevitable end. But once he learns that his malignant tumor is actually an alien parasite, mysterious in nature, it's a whole new ballgame for him. With a new lease on life and powers at his disposal, Gates fights the bad guys and... well, you get the idea. 

It all seems like a ridiculous idea, but, with Peyton's history with The Rock (two SAN ANDREAS movies and RAMPAGE), you wonder if he might be able to convince Dwayne Johnson to head up a project like this and give it some instant credibility. Sounds like the type of movie that'd be better with The Rock in it anyway, doesn't it? We'll see who winds up landing the ever-important spot of Malignant Man, but that's a big key to making this thing work. 

malignant man



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