Brad Pitt and David Fincher next...

Never mind what you heard about Brad Pitt and David Fincher's next collaboration. Brad Pitt recently spoke to Premiere magazine and shed some light on his upcoming schedule.  As for the aforementioned Fincher project SEARED, the seedy tale about life as a cook in NYC, consider it over as far as these guys are concerned. Pitt says the project became "less attractive with time" and his interest, as well as Finch's, has cooled.  The duo will instead work on a new project, which Pitt described as a WWII movie, but after making some calls, I've found is a film entitled THEY FOUGHT ALONE (formerly FERTIG), set up at Columbia.

The plot follows Col. Wendell Fertig, an American on a WWII era Phillipine island who leads a groups of soldiers in a guerilla movement to scare off the Japanese, looked to seize control and gain a foothold in the war. Tom Cruise was once attached, but has since moved on to different projects leaving the project ripe for Pitt's picking.  Work could begin as quickly as this fall, as soon as Pitt finished up his work on THE LAST MAN (scheduled to begin production this Summer).  Pretty cool, eh?  And a departure of sorts for Finch, whose work to this point has been in a similar genre.

Source: JoBlo.com
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