Brad Pitt and Ryan Reynolds want to smell Gunsmoke

CBS Films is planning a feature film based on the longest-running (pre-"Simpsons") TV series ever, the classic Western show GUNSMOKE.

And it sounds like a lot of big-name actors want to strap on the sixguns to play Dodge City lawman Matt Dillon. High on the studio's list are Brad Pitt (who already roamed the West as Jesse James) and Ryan Reynolds -- both of whom are supposedly interested -- along with several other actors. Curiously, Matt Dillon has not received a call.

Actor James Arness previously spent 20 seasons protecting the frontier town from bandits, saloon brawls, cattle rustling, gunfights and all sorts of shady characters.

Bear in mind that no director is involved yet, so unless an attached actor brings enough A-list clout to the "package", this all remains speculation.

Extra Tidbit: Other main roles from the show that would need to be filled include town physician Doc Adams and tavern owner Miss Kitty Russell -- may I suggest "Mad Men" firetop Christina Hendricks, preferably in a cleavage-baring corset?
Source: LA Times



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