Brad Pitt to star with Robert Duvall in Hatfields and the McCoys?

If one journalist's fuzzy recollection of something Robert Duvall said at a press conference is your idea of solid news, then boy do I have a scoop for you! Jeff Wells is reporting via his blog that Duvall revealed at a press conference for GET LOW that Brad Pitt is in talks to star in and produce the HATFIELDS AND THE MCCOYS film with Scott Cooper (CRAZY HEART) directing. There are no real quotes given that we could attribute to Duvall other than Pitt would play the "main guy" (and even then, only "main guy" is in quotes).

I'm not saying the intel out of the junket is suspect but actors speaking off the cuff at press conferences and trying to give pressing journalists interesting answers doesn't always make for factual news. Pitt has been circling HATFIELDS for some time but it was never clear he would star (and news of Cooper's involvement is certainly new).

Eric Roth's script for the film has been bouncing around for a while and last I checked the project was set up at Paramount. There are probably a number of other projects I'd rather see Pitt tackle first but first he's off to do MONEYBALL with Jonah Hill and then there's nothing set for sure.

Extra Tidbit: Allegedly T. Bone Burnett would be providing the music for the film.



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