Bradley Cooper bonds with the other Faceman on A-Team set

What do fans want more than a good A-TEAM movie? Some cameos from the original stars, that's what.

While the hopes of a Mr. T cameo were squashed, another member of the team will most certainly be in the film, the first "Faceman" Dirk Benedict.

Bradley Cooper gave MTV some interesting details about his on-screen time with Benedict. Any sort of man grooming deserves a good laugh.

There was also talk of Cooper's tougher take on the character when the MTV sans music television visited the actor on set, “I don’t know if [mine] is tougher, but he loves running his M-4 machine gun, he’s a soldier. I don’t know about ‘Face’ in the TV show, if that was his thing. He didn’t love violence the way [mine does]; you’d see him more sweet talk you.The ‘Face’ that I play, he’s a great pick-pocket; he does that. But he doesn’t mind getting a little rough too.” That's what he or she said. (Bad attempt at a joke)

Listen to what Cooper had to say on Benedict's cameo below. The A-TEAM hits theaters June 11, 2010.

Extra Tidbit: Cooper played an awesome douchebag in WEDDING CRASHERS. I often wonder if he wasn't a bit of a pop collar douche back in high school. Regardless, I still love him.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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