Bradley Cooper has a good laugh about those Flash casting rumors

There was an early rumor that we heard this week regarding Bradley Cooper as a possible choice for The Flash.

Apparently this rumor was very funny according to Cooper.

Super Hero Hype caught up with the actor yesterday who said this about those rumors, "I've never heard anything about it ever in my life." He then proceeded to laugh about the fact that this had caught on so quickly on the internet.

Cooper followed his laughter with, "It's funny."

People are quick to toss the names of actors out there when it comes to a project like this one. It was natural that Cooper's name got associated with this since he was the runner-up for the role of GREEN LANTERN. The part went to Ryan Reynolds who was also being considered for the role on The Flash. So maybe they thought that Cooper would get the part of Barry Allen as a consolation prize. He still might be an option for the role though.

Personally, I think that Cooper would be better suited for Wally West rather than Allen. But that's just me. It's the best suggestion I've heard thus far.

Extra Tidbit: Who would you choose for the role of Barry Allen?
Source: Super Hero Hype



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