Branagh talks Thor

Thor Not too long ago, Kenneth Branagh was announced as director of Marvel's upcoming THOR adaptation. So far, he's been staying quite mum on the film but the folks over at "Splash Page" recently managed to wrestle a few words out of him regarding his plans for the film. So why Thor, guy? "To work on a story about one of the immortals, Gods, extraordinary beings, inter-dimensional creatures." Immortal gods, huh? Ok. And what about all these Kevin McKidd playing Thor rumors, buddy? "There’s been lots of talk [about casting] — I sound like a politician — but we are too early at this stage. We’re getting the story and the visual effects together and all of that is very exciting. Someone sensational is going to play the part but it is early days." You got anything else to say, pretty boy? "It’s a chance to tell a big story on a big scale. It’s a human story right in the center of a big epic scenario.” Fucking-A right, dude.

Extra Tidbit: Thursday is derived from the Old English translation of Thor's Day.
Source: Splash Page



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