Brand new Losers poster features lots of bullets

I think what THE LOSERS is doing - beating THE A-TEAM at its own game by releasing in April - is a pretty smart move. The trailer was surprisingly effective and actually got me more excited than the actual A-TEAM trailer. I was a fan of the original poster, which was based off the Vertigo comic art, and thought it could've been left at that, but they've gone and created a new poster.

It's...OK but I don't dig it as much as the original art. Why does the future Captain America get such a small little image while Idris Elba is rocking big time in the background? There are a lot of bullet casings flying around, which is a tad distracting but, hey, at least it's not six floating heads so we're making progress. THE LOSERS hits theaters on April 23 and you can check out the new poster below.

Extra Tidbit: I do give points for having Zoe Saldana pop a squat on the poster.
Source: JoBlo.com



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