Brand remakes Arthur

I was never a big fan of ARTHUR. Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli and that God awful theme song just didn't speak to a little kid who was more interested in STAR WARS or "Transformers." It's a generational thing, I suppose, and I'm fine with that. I've tried to watch the movie and I just can't get into it in any way, shape or form. But now Russell Brand, another comedian I'm not sure I "get," is looking to remake the film with Warner Bros. Brand is meeting with writers to develop a script that would have him starring as a the drunken playboy looking who can't decide between his fortune and giving Liza Minnelli the high hard one (here's a tip for ya bud - take the money). While I could personally give two shits if they remade this movie, I must imagine it would be hard to top the original, which was nominated for a number of Oscars (including John Gielgud who won the Best Supporting Actor trophy). Brand can be seen next in BEDTIME STORIES with Adam Sandler and is currently filming THE TEMPEST for Julie Taymor. He's expected to begin filming the Judd Apatow comedy GET HIM TO THE GREEK with Jonah Hill early next year.

Extra Tidbit: God I hate that song.
Source: THR



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