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Brawndo is real drink?


Me and a couple of other dudes on a medicinal marijuana out there might be the only ones interested in this story, but for anyone who dug the shit out of last year's IDIOCRACY (many of you may not even have heard of the Mike Judge-directed film because Fox dumped it like that shit I took this morning -- my review HERE), this story is about as "movie geek-y" as they get...and that's probably why it fascinates me so much! (if this is a real drink, I'm buying it!!)

So a couple of websites (see sources above) reported earlier this week that despite Fox dumping the crap out of IDIOCRACY in theaters last year, they just decided to release a "thirst mutilating" drink called "Brawndo", which is the futuristic drink that is a major part of IDIOCRACY's plotline. Harumph. Okay, just so we all understand this well: the studio dumps the film, but a year later, decides to produce and market a drink from said movie?? Make sense to anyone?

And then yesterday this blog reported that there were two companies listed as the ones producing the drink on the website, Redux Beverages, the very same company that released a drink called "Cocaine" most recently and were promptly asked to change their name (which they subsequently switched to "No Name") and the Omni Consumer Products company (OCP)...YES, the very same company from Fox's own futuristic ROBOCOP film. WTF? Fox has even created a real-looking press site for the company HERE. A diligent fan also found the trademark filing of the drink by both companies HERE.

So what does this all mean? Well, either Fox is preparing to re-launch the movie in a dual-action special-ass-edition of the DVD and have suddenly decided to throw some dollars behind it, OR this is their way of cashing in on the film's cult-ish popularity early on -- or better yet, trying to "egg on" the film's popularity themselves. Will it work? Not sure but if anyone can go to the official BRAWNDO BUY SITE and purchase themselves a 24-pack of "Brawndo" (it's got electrolytes!!), and get them shipped to them before Christmas, please email me and let me know what you receive, and if in fact, this is a legitimate drink or just a small part of a bigger marketing campaign or whatever else shit it may be. And like I said earlier, if it turns that this really is a drink, I'm buying it!!

Oh and for anyone who has no idea what this drink is all about, check out this HILARIOUS commercial for the drink below and if you enjoy it, be sure to check yourself into IDIOCRACY on DVD and tell your friends.



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