Breaking Dawn is definitely being made into two films. Don't cry.

It's been circling for a while, but it looks like BREAKING DAWN from the TWILIGHT series will be split into two films.

The exclusive comes from (no big surprise here) Deadline Hollywood. They have several close sources that are all receiving the same news. Plus, they are looking for "high-end" directors to helm both parts.

Most of you may remember when we shared a link that provided the insane plot for the fourth and largest book of the series. It may be funny reading it from another perspective, but it's definitely a new level of WTF when you read it for yourself. DAWN just makes me feel funny. I mean, a grown ass man falls in love with a baby whom he will watch over until she gets old enough to enter into a relationship with him. It's not romantic, it's f*cking gross. How can anyone make that passable?

DAWN is told from two different perspectives: Bella and Jacob's. This is most likely how they will split it up, or at least that's what I think. In order to save some money they will start filming mid-October back to back. As a guilty (so very guilty) pleasure watcher of TWILIGHT, my biggest problem is with the script writer, Melissa Rosenberg. I still think they should give someone else a chance. Let Rosenberg go back to doing something she's good at, like her work on the show DEXTER. Maybe Stephanie Meyer is the real problem, but anyone can polish shit.

Extra Tidbit: When Taylor Lautner was finally finished with that goofy ass wig in NEW MOON, they had a wig burning party.



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