Breaking Dawn to have an entire year between its two halves

God damnit, how long must we prolong this foolishness? It was bad enough when it was announced BREAKING DAWN was being split in half so we'd have five TWILIGHT movies instead of four, but now there’s going to be an entire YEAR in between them. Summit is now reporting that Part One is coming November 18th of 2011, and Part Two on November 16th of 2012. We knew that the second half would drop some time in ’12, but I suspected winter or spring at the latest so the studio could make sure the trend didn’t die down before then.

Is this series really like Harry Potter? Are people still going to care about TWILIGHT movies a full two years from now? Sadly, yes, they will, and I’m just waiting until it’s announced that Stephanie Meyer has decided to ascend from literary hell and write more books.

The question now is where the films will be cut, presumably (SPOILER) the birth of Bella’s child (via vampire cesarean) would be a good place to break, as the second half involves the mutant CGI vampire baby growing up at an alarming rate. It’s like SPLICE, but stupid.

In any case, there is so much ridiculousness packed into these last books that completely clashes with anything that’s come before it, I’m almost excited to see how the hell these last two movies get made. This book is where even FANS of the series start going, “uhhh what the f*ck is this now?”

The gap in production is probably at the request of director Bill Condon who needs a full year to make sure the second batshit insane half of the movie doesn’t suck as much as it’s supposed to. Best of luck Bill, you’ll need it.

Extra Tidbit: I sometimes randomly get sad there are no more Harry Potter books.
Source: Summit



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