Brendan, Meet Harrison

Looks like Indiana Jones and his contemporary goofy cousin Brendan Fraser are finally teaming up. Brendan, the man of many blunders, will team with Harrison Ford to anchor CBS film's first picture.

The studio--who surprisingly is murdering all others in this season's ratings war--has greenlit a story in which Fraser will play John Crowley, the father of two children who are diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder without a cure. Undetrred, he seeks out the help of an experimental doctor (Ford) who works to find a way to save the children's lives. The film is set to be directed by Tom Vaughan (WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS) and is based on a true story.

I know this may seem out of place within the context of the film, but with Fraser and Ford in a movie together, how could they not throw a mummy or two in there, if not at least a curse or a medallion or something action-adventurey. Otherwise, what's the point?
Extra Tidbit: How did Encino man develop such a lengthy career?
Source: THR



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