Breslin and Foster team

Current child actress Abigail Breslin will team with former child actress Jodie Foster to star in the upcoming fantasy tale NIM'S ISLAND for Fox and Walden Media. Based on the book by Wendy Orr and Kerry Millard the film will star Breslin as Nim, a little girl who lives on an island with her scientist father who's working hard to keep the island's location a secret ("Lost"?!). When her father gets lost on an expedition, she has to fend for herself and finds a companion with her father's satellite powered laptop and an author (Foster) who has e-mailed the man looking for help with her upcoming book. The writing team of Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin (JOURNEY 3-D, WIMBLEDON) will make their directorial debut with the film. Breslin, hot off her Academy Award nomination for LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, recently signed on to star in AMERICAN GIRL, the film version of the popular girl's toy line. Foster has Neil Jordan's THE BRAVE ONE set for release later this year and is prepping her next directorial project, SUGARLAND, with Robert De Niro starring. Filming on NIM'S is scheduled to begin this summer.

Extra Tidbit: Breslin is now 11 and by movie logic that means she'd be ready to play a hooker in three years (a la Foster in TAXI DRIVER). Wow that'd be just a little weird and creepy.
Source: Variety



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