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Brian Herbert says it's official - Denis Villeneuve will direct Dune


A little over a month ago, Denis Villeneuve's name came up in regards to a DUNE remake. The classic hero's tale, involving a desert planet and some giant worms, has had its fair share of attached directors over the years. If the following is to be believed, Legendary Pictures has finally found their man.

Brian Herbert, author and son of Dune scribe Frank Herbert, Tweeted out the following in regards to the upcoming DUNE remake:

As of now, Brain Herbert is the only one claiming that it's a done deal with Villeneuve, so let's hope that's the case! Villeneuve has already proved himself in the sci-fi realm with ARRIVAL, and is delivering the much-anticipated sequel to BLADE RUNNER later this year. If everything goes according to plan, DUNE could prove to be his sci-fi masterpiece.

Denis Villeneuve's next film, BLADE RUNNER 2049, will open in theaters on October 6, 2017.

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