Bridges in Iron Man!

Get your best LEBOWSKI jokes ready - Jeff Bridges has signed on to join the cast of Jon Favreau's IRON MAN. Now seriously - is this not one of the finest casts assembled for a superhero flick? Aside from BATMAN BEGINS maybe, what Favreau has done here is truly impressive. Robert Downey, Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow and now Bridges. Each one of them at least nominated for an Oscar. As for what role Bridges will be playing exactly...ahh, there's the $64,000 Question. No one is saying exactly who in IRON MAN lore Bridges will be playing. The press release says "Bridges will portray a confidant and close business associate ...who plays a major role in shaping Stark's life." Now if your Bullshit Meter doesn't go off reading that, then you need to take it to the shop. Marvel head Kevin Feige added to the mystery by saying, "[W]e're excited to have him in this particular role. There are many facets to this character which I can't discuss..." If it's a character from the comics I'd almost have to say it's gotta be Mandarin. The description doesn't match Happy Hogan and who else is left? I'm not sure I look at Jeff Bridges and instantly see Mandarin but maybe I'm wrong? Anyone have any insight?

Extra Tidbit: Jeff Bridges and his band have never covered Black Sabbath's "Iron Man".



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