Brittany joins Sly

Brittany Murphy had a lot going for her at one point. She was headlining her own movies and had endorsement deals and all the stuff that comes along with an A-list star in the making. And then it all just...stopped. She hasn't starred in a live-action film with a wide release since 2005's SIN CITY (by contrast she had eight films in the three years prior). She was kicked off a lead voicing role in a Disney animated movie that went straight to DVD (TINKERBELL). But get ready for Murphy's comeback. It looks like she's ready for her close-up Mr. Stallone.

Murphy has signed on to star in THE EXPENDABLES for Sylvester Stallone, which is currently filming in Brazil. She'll play Mickey Rourke's girlfriend, presumably some kind of burlesque type girl as she has a song and dance number in the film (and CHICAGO, this ain't). Though Stallone and Statham are down in Sao Paulo filming, Rourke is on the set of IRON MAN 2 so it stands to reason that Murphy might not be filming until Rourke makes his way to the set later this spring.

Extra Tidbit: Late "Seaquest DSV" actor Jonathan Brandeis was Murphy's prom date.
Source: THR



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