Brody in Bloom

If I was forced to do a Top Ten list of my favorite films of 2006 (which JoBlo thankfully doesn't force me to do) BRICK would very likely be on there. It's a film that seemed to divide audiences and I saw it on as many Worst Lists as I did Best Lists. The film was the introduction of a great new talent - writer/director Rian Johnson - and I anxiously await his next film THE BROTHERS BLOOM. Johnson's cast is coming together with an impressive cast. Oscar nominees Adrien Brody and Rinko Kikuchi (BABEL) have signed on to join Rachel Weisz (another Oscar nominee) in the conman flick. Brody will play one of the titular brothers who are conspiring to rip off a rich heiress (Weisz). Kikuchi will play a literally silent partner of the boys. The other brother Bloom has not yet been cast but how about Orlando Bloom? Or Judy Blume? Or Bloom County? OK enough. Filming on BLOOM is scheduled to begin this summer. Brody can be seen next in Wes Anderson's THE DARJEELING LIMITED, while BLOOM will be Kikichu's first post-BABEL film.

Extra Tidbit: BROTHERS BLOOM was originally titled PENELOPE but was forced to change because of an upcoming film of the same name that stars Christina Ricci as a pig-faced girl.
Source: Variety



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