Brody vs. Predators!

The far-out skull-collectors officially have some humans to hunt in PREDATORS... one of them with a rather notable profile.

Oscar-winner Adrien Brody will find himself in the wild jungle (again), taking the lead role in the Fox sci-fi action flick from director Nimrod Antal (VACANCY) and producer Robert Rodriguez.

While winning accolades for his more serious work, Brody is no stranger to genre material (KING KONG, THE JACKET, SPLICE, GIALLO). Brody reportedly fought hard for the PREDATORS part, and signed options for sequels. The character was described by Latino Review as a "Steve McQueen type".

The movie involves the infamous extraterrestrials gathering various Earthlings to serve as prey for a hunt. Variety also confirms the previously mentioned casting of Danny Trejo and Walton Goggins, and gives us a few new names: I AM LEGEND señorita Alice Braga (below), large Russian Oleg Taktarov (15 MINUTES, BAD BOYS 2), Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (yes I spelled that right), and Louiz Ozawa.

On top of all that, THR says that ex-Venom Topher Grace is also in talks to join the runners.

You can probably start speculating as to who survives more of the film's running time. The movie starts shooting soon in Hawaii and Austin.

Extra Tidbit: In Hebrew traditions, the name Nimrod is proverbial as that of a "mighty hunter".
Source: Variety



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