Brody & Whitaker Experiment

Adrian Brody, Forest Whitaker, Elijah Wood and Cam Gigandet will star in THE EXPERIMENT, an adaptation of the German psychological thriller DAS EXPERIMENT, itself based on the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment.. "Prison Break" creator Paul Scheuring is directing from his screenplay.

DAS EXPERIMENT directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, is about a group of ordinary men recruited to take on the roles of guards and prisoners as part of a research study and examined how the effects of assigned roles, power and control affected the participants. Brody will portray the de facto leader of the prisoners while Whitaker will play a guard who's corrupted by the power he's given.

You can't really make an estimations about this project since Adrian Brody makes pretty good choices but Cam Gigandet usually makes movies I expect torturers to show Al-Qaeda in rooms without windows. Paul Sheuring, though, as long as he is Prison Break season 1 Paul Sheuring and not EVERYTHING ELSE Paul Sheuring, then I can get behind him.
Extra Tidbit: DAS EXPERIMENT was shot entirely in chronological order.
Source: Variety



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