Brolin as Hex?

A while back, a Photoshopped image of Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex popped up online leading many to assume that Jane had, in fact, been cast in JONAH HEX. The film's directors, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, said this was NOT the case and it eventually came out that it was Jane's way of pitching his acting services for the film. So if not Jane as Hex, then who? Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere thinks he has the scoop. He says that Josh Brolin is signed, sealed and delivered to star in the movie for Warner Bros. While Brolin's rep says that the actor is "not attached," a source tells Wells that Brolin is "locked" in to play the role. Not being talked about, not attached but locked. "Jonah Hex" has a number of different iterations in the comic world but Neveldine and Taylor's movie is expected to be based off the Vertigo run that had Hex, a scarred Confederate soldier, fighting zombies and spirits. The movie was one listed the other day as a project that Warner Bros. was looking to get into production in early 2009. Brolin has W. in theaters this month and MILK in theaters this December. Neveldine and Taylor are currently finishing post-production on CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE.

Extra Tidbit: Works for me...
Source: Jeff Wells



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