Brolin not Hex?

I was as excited as the next guy when I heard the news that Josh Brolin would be starring in JONAH HEX for directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. But now it seems that might not be happening. Collider caught up with Brolin, who's out promoting MILK, and asked him about JONAH HEX, which led to this interesting exchange:

Q: You will be playing a comic book character soon. You’re doing Jonah Hex, right?

Josh: Nope.

Q: You’re not doing Jonah Hex?

Josh: Don’t know yet.

Q: Have you had meetings with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor?

Josh: No.

This is all very strange considering when the news broke, it was specifically indicated that Brolin had signed a deal and wasn't just "attached." Now, for whatever reason, Brolin seems to be getting cold feet even later admitting in that same interview, "I don’t know if [JONAH HEX] is the thing to do. Got me all fucked up now…" This is obviously developing so stay tuned as more news on this breaks...

Source: Collider



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