Brolin on Wall Street?

We heard the other day that Javier Barden spurned the offer to star as the villain in Oliver Stone's upcoming WALL STREET sequel. Who could fill those evil expensive shoes?

According to Nikki Finke, Stone now wants to get Bardem's NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN prey Josh Brolin for the part. Brolin recently worked with the controversial director, portraying previous POTUS (also a villain, some might argue) George W. Bush in Stone's presidential pseudo-biopic W.

If he accepts, Brolin would join Shia LaBeouf and the returning Michael Douglas to play a dastardly hedge fund manager responsible for the death of a young trader's mentor. This time around, the recently liberated Gordon Gekko tries to make amends with his estranged daughter by helping her fiancee (LaBeouf) get revenge on Brolin's baddie.

The movie begins filiming in just a couple weeks, so expect to hear soon whether the future JONAH HEX will ride into Lower Manhattan.

Extra Tidbit: Think Brolin would still do a GOONIES sequel after all this?



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