Brooklyn Decker brings her boobs to sink the Battleship

I'm just waiting for the Rifftrax version of this.

I don't mean to pre-judge, but this BATTLESHIP film just sounds like all kinds of bad. Now, Brooklyn Decker has decided to come aboard the stinky ship, according to our friends at Latino Review. Decker will play the role of Sam, opposite Taylor Kitsch. Most likely as a love interest of some kind.

Not to be so negative about Mrs. Decker, but her usual gig is putting on lingerie for Victoria Secret, then on weekends really small bikinis for issues of Sports Illustrated. Are we getting our "acting talent" from Victoria Secret now? (I'm looking at you Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.) Singer, rapper, and frequent user of auto-tune, Rihanna was cast in this as well. But I guess if the movie is about aliens attacking a battleship, they have to cast accordingly.

I like alien invasion movies. I just fear the worst for this one. Why did Universal decide to take the gamble on this? There just seems to be no logical decision on keeping it around, unless they think that Alexander Skarsgard can pull in the TRUE BLOOD fanbase--which is highly doubtful.

Is it wrong to judge it so soon? Is there a glimmer hope for the film?

Extra Tidbit: Peter Berg. Would you rather have him behind the camera or in front of it?
Source: Latino Review



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