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Kevin Costner's Character Milestone Checklist:

  • Daydreaming Corn Field Owner Who Hears Voice That Makes Him Build A Baseball Field - Check
  • Tortured Army Lieutenant Who Taps Hot Native American Ass - Check
  • Tortured Boozy Baseball Player Who's Ultimately Redeemed By [Insert Plot Device Here] - Never Again
  • Cowboy - Check
  • Famous Cowboy - Check
  • Historical Figure - Check
  • Tortured Amphibious Human With Gills Who Sails Awesome Boat and Drinks Own Urine - Check
  • Romantic Comedy Where I Get To Bang A Hot Piece of Ass Like Jennifer Aniston or Rene Russo - Check
  • Ashton Kutcher Mentor - Check
  • Mild-Mannered Guy With Psychotic Murderous Alter-Ego Personified By William Hurt - Check
  • Gay Guy That's Sure To Win Oscar - Pending
  • Space Cowboy - Not stupid Clint Eastwood movie but kick ass movie with real cowboys in space.
  • Pretentious, Possibly Self-Referential, Near Incomprehensible Indie That'll Give Street Cred - Pending

The one in bold, of course, is covered by the upcoming thriller MR. BROOKS and its brand-spanking new poster can be found below. The film co-stars Dane Cook and Demi Moore and is set for release June 1st.

Mr. Brooks

Extra Tidbit: The official site can be found HERE but there's currently almost literally nothing on it.
Source: Impawards



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