Bros Bloom bumped

Rian Johnson's (BRICK) second movie, THE BROTHERS BLOOM has unfortunately been bumped back from an October 24th release to a limited release on December 19th, followed by a wide release on January 16th 2009. Johnson himself explained the situation via his blog:

"There were a few reasons for the move: October and November are crowded as hell, it's a tough tough market, especially for a smart unique film like ours, and we'd have a week or two at the most to sink or swim. Whereas concentrating on a couple markets for awards consideration in December, then pushing the wide in the more open January slot just seemed like a better use of resources."

The movie is about a bunch of grifters (Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo) who try to con a beautiful and eccentric heiress played by Rachel Weisz. Of course, this is no exception to most movies of this ilk - it will surely raise many questions. How will they cheat her? Do they ultimately want to cheat her, once they get to know her? Who is really conning who? Plus, you know, was Mark Ruffalo fat in highschool? And if he was, was he fat enough to get called 'Ruffalo the Buffalo'? Because that would have been awesome.
Extra Tidbit: Anyone bored of these con movies yet?
Source: BO Mojo



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