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Sep. 4, 2008by: Omar Aviles

<a href=THE BROTHERS BLOOM" /> As you may have heard (right here a couple of days ago), BRICK director Rian Johnson's upcoming heist comedy THE BROTHERS BLOOM has been pushed back to December 19th from its original October 24th release. For most of us around here, that was a pretty solid kick to the nads. However, to help tide us over until then, the film's official site recently went ONLINE, looking as delightfully quirky as the film itself. In it, Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo star as the titular brothers who are out to swindle eccentric heiress Rachel Weisz out of her money, using silent demolitions expert Rinko Kikuchi to, you know, blow shit up.

Extra Tidbit: For her role in this film, Weisz learned how to break-dance, skateboard , juggle, do karate, play Ping-Pong, ride a unicycle and how to play the piano, violin, accordion, and banjo.
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8:39PM on 09/05/2008
Rachel Weisz breakdancing? I do believe you have sold me.
Rachel Weisz breakdancing? I do believe you have sold me.
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