Brosnan on Crown

Pierce Brosnan spilled a little on the upcoming sequel to THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. Regarding whether or not the film will be based on 1964's TOPKAPI, he said that "We are just using a sliver of that." The setting will be the same though, with the film taking place in Istanbul, while this time he is in the hunt for a rare diamond instead of paintings. The article also claims that while Rene Russo won't be coming back, Angelina Jolie is 'in the running', but who knows how accurate that is.

If you ask me, at this stage of her career Jolie would be a waste in this movie. Precedent says that whichever chick is the lead would have to get her rack out, and Jolie seems to show her tits in every movie she's in just out of choice. I say cast Mary Elizabeth Winstead in this thing so we can slay that dragon, and put Jolie in TOY STORY 3 to give Woody a woody. Be careful not to read too quickly there because I just rocked a dynamite wordplay.
Extra Tidbit: The original THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR featured Rene Russo's first ever nude scenes.
Source: USA Today



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