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Semi fun fact: Bruce Springsteen and I graduated from the same high school. So literally "My Hometown" was written about my hometown. Weird. I've never been a huge Bruce fan (unlike everyone else in town) but I have felt some weird kinship with him. Like I could bump into him at a party and go, "Hey, Freehold!" and we'd go skipping down the street arm in arm. So I'm excited to see that Bruce will be teaming up with one of my favorite directors, Mr. Darren Aronofsky, for his upcoming film THE WRESTLER. Bruce has written a song (also titled "The Wrestler") that will run during the closing credits of the upcoming film. Says Aronofsky on his blog:

bruce springsteen wrote a beautiful original song for the closing the film. called THE WRESTLER it is a wonderful acoustic piece. makes me choke up every time i hear it. he really captured the spirit of the film and mickey's character in the piece.

As a guy who couldn't stand that terrible "Streets of Philadelphia" song, I'll be happy to see him writing a song about a down and out New Jerseyan. In addition to his new original song, CHUD is reporting that Judd Apatow has reached out to Springsteen to cameo in his upcoming Seth Rogen/Adam Sandler comedy FUNNY PEOPLE. They add though that if Springsteen turns them down, the role could theoretically go to any aging/wise musician.

Extra Tidbit: Scheduling conflicts prevented a WRESTLER set visit which is really bumming me out now.
Source: BlogCHUD



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