Bruce & Arnie's cameo


Who wants to learn more on that cameo to end all cameos? If you'd rather not know what Bruce Willis and Arnold Terminator (I'm gonna spell his name wrong anyway so might as well skip it) will be doing in THE EXPENDABLES, stop reading and, I dunno, check out Sophie Monk's Halloween costume on Movie Hotties.

The big moment to unite the three action greats was filmed recently in L.A. and Sly finally revealed details about it when talking to Entertainment Weekly. The scene, which would amount to about 5 minutes of screen time, has the tough guys meeting in a church where Bruce is there to hire Sly's team.

Bruce says ‘Well, there’s one other person I want to talk to before I hire you.  And then Arnold, who plays my old rival, walks in," Stallone explains. "We have a history together. And we go back and forth and I tell him that I should have shot him a long time ago when I had the chance. Then it goes on from there. And here we are, the three of us trying to man up to one another, playing off of who we are, using our baggage in this one scene.

Can't say the trailer did much for me, but the action fan inside still can't wait to see this just for the sheer insanity of the cast. Although patience will be required - release is set only for next August.

Extra Tidbit: Only one that doesn't seem to fit in there is that guy from Dexter playing a Latino dictator. I would've seen someone like Miguel Ferrer or Joaquim de Almeida for that part. But David Zayas, feels like he's a big bear who just wants to hug you!



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