Bruce Lee as noir?

I'm surprised it took this long before someone got the bright idea to remake ENTER THE DRAGON but nonetheless we've finally got an announcement today. At least they've decided to put an interesting spin on the original Bruce Lee classic. Warner Independent has hired Kurt Sutter ("The Shield") to write and direct AWAKEN THE DRAGON, a noir-style remake of ENTER THE DRAGON. Noir-style? Yup. Sutter says that he's writing his DRAGON around an FBI agent who follows a rogue Shaolin monk into a world of underground martial arts fights. He explains the film will be more RAGING BULL than CROUCHING TIGER. An American actor will be cast as the FBI agent while Sutter looks to discover a kung fu talent a la Bruce Lee. I'm not sure I see how this is much of a remake of ENTER THE DRAGON, but it's certainly more intriguing than just a straight up remake. Creativity has got to count for something...

Extra Tidbit: But who's gonna replace Jim Kelly??
Source: Variety



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