Bruce on tour!

In case you thought that headline might mean Spielberg's famous shark or the iconic martial artist, it actually refers to our favorite Deadite fighter himself, Bruce Campbell.

The Chin directs (and plays) himself in the horror-comedy MY NAME IS BRUCE, in which he's inadvertently recruited to save a small town from an ancient Chinese demon.

Just in time for Halloween, he's taking the flick on the road and introducing and doing Q&A at the following locations. So grab your boomstick, get out there to one (or more) of these dates and show your support! You can check out the trailer below!

October 26: Austin, TX (Alamo Drafthouse!!)

Oct. 31-November 2: New York

Nov. 5: Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 7: Boston, MA

Nov. 9: Hartford, CT

Nov. 12: New Haven, CT

Nov. 14: Baltimore, MD

Nov. 15: Washington D.C.

Nov. 19: Columbus, OH

Nov. 20: Toledo, OH

Nov. 21-23: Detroit, MI

Nov. 28-30: Chicago, IL

Dec. 3: Madison, WI

Dec. 5-7: Minneapolis, MN

Dec. 12: Seattle, WA

Dec. 13-14: Portland, OR

Dec. 15: Medford, OR

Dec. 17: San Francisco, CA

Dec. 18: Berkeley, CA

Dec. 19-21: Los Angeles, CA

Extra Tidbit: What ever happened to that Asian dude from THEY CALL ME BRUCE?
Source: Fango



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