Bruce Willis is Joseph Gordon-Levitt... from the future!

It was exciting enough that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to star in a time-travel movie called LOOPER, which would reunite him with Rian Johnson, the guy who directed him in the brilliant high-school noir BRICK.

Now LOOPER just got a big bunch of bald badass -- Bruce Willis will be playing the adult version of JGL, who travels back in time to kill get killed by himself. I think.

The sci-fi/action movie involves assassins who travel back in time from the future to eliminate criminals before they commit their terrible crimes. Willis is one of the chrono-hitmen who discovers he's been sent after himself: JGL in the present-day. are delivered criminals from a syndicate in the future and must dispose of the bodies so they never exist. JGL is one of these "Loopers" who gets sent the future version of himself to eliminate. I'm sure it will make more sense when I see it. Or it'll be like PRIMER, and I'll just pretend I understood it.

The project is apparently a topic of buzz at Cannes, even though it's not officially being shopped.

Extra Tidbit: After BRICK and THE BROTHERS BLOOM, I'd be down for anything Johnson does. But a time-travel hitman movie with Willis and JGL? What more could I ask for?



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