Bruce Willis teaming with (sigh) Paul Walker and 50 Cent for Set Up

Damnit Bruce Willis, I thought you were learning your lesson. After THE EXPENDABLES and RED, I thought maybe you were getting your action movie career back on track, but now you're enlisting with Paul Walker and 50 Cent for a heist film. Not good.

It's called SET UP and it's about a group of friends thrust into the middle of a diamond heist gone awry. I think it's probably safe to assume they are SET UP. The film is written and directed by Mike Gunther who is a prominent Hollywood stunt coordinator who worked with Willis on LIVE FREE AND DIE HARD, but has never actually directed a film. Guess Willis owed him a favor?

I wish I could envision this being good, but I just can't. Not from that description, title and cast list at least. Maybe I'm prejudiced against rapper-actors (50) and cardboard-actors (Walker), but it just doesn't seem like the best call for Willis, who lately hasn't been making the best career moves with COP OUT and SURROGATES recently in his rear view. RED was somewhat of a return to form for him, but I think he could be taking a step backward here.

I will be curious to see what a movie looks like when helmed and written by a stunt coordinator, maybe we'll get some wicked action scenes at the very least?

Extra Tidbit: But I now think 50 Cent is awesome
Source: Variety



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