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Bruck's big Shake


Superproducer Jerry Bruckheimer has plenty of (Disney's) cash, and he clearly knows how to spend it.

Screenwriter Derek Haas (co-writer of WANTED and 3:10 to YUMA) is probably happy for Bruck's willingness to depart with currency, since he recently collected seven figures for a project called SHAKE.

Even more remarkable than the wow-worthy wage is how the project started: Haas tapped it out as a short story on his site Popcorn Fiction, a haven for writers to post pulpy short fiction. Don't you wish your hobbies landed you millions? Well they won't, so put away your fantasy baseball tracking and anime scat figurines.

Anyway, Haas' story (since removed from the site) follows "an FBI agent chasing a killer while he begins to lose control of his own body".

Extra Tidbit: The obvious (and tasteless) thing would be to say "they should cast Michael J. Fox", but I'd honestly love to see the guy back on the big screen.
Source: THR



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