Brucks does Ranger?

Lone Ranger Now that Jerry "The Brucks" Bruckheimer is done turning a Disney theme park ride into one of the most successful film franchises in history, he's setting his sights on turning the iconic "Lone Ranger" into a billion-dollar mainstream cinematic franchise and he's apparently re-teaming with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN scribes Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio to do so. According to an article in Variety remarking on Elliot and Rossio's newfound ability to buy a small country "Beyond another "Pirates" project, word has it that the scribes might be doing a take on the Lone Ranger saga for Bruckheimer." If anybody can mold a mask-wearing, horseback riding cowboy and his trusty Indian sidekick into an explosion-laced, action-packed, mindless moneymaking machine, it's The Brucks.

Extra Tidbit: "The Lone Ranger" was originally a radio series. In fact, the first of 2,956 episodes of the show played on WXYZ radio in Detroit, Michigan and later on the Mutual Broadcasting System radio network and then on NBC's Blue Network (which later became ABC).
Source: Variety



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