Bruck's Robot War

WWR Toy Line

Another day, another "World Against Machines" movie. Seriously, there was a time I would've been drooling over such news, but I'm on the bummed-out bandwagon after TF2 and McG's valiant-yet-futile SALVATION. At least no one's remaking ROBOT JOX. Yet.

Anyhoo, producer Jerry "CBS Procedural Shows" Bruckheimer is gearing up for WORLD WAR ROBOT, a documentary-style (lots of those too these days...) Sci-Fi fare that would follow the accounts of both humans and robots who wage a war against each other from here to Mars. They'll all come back down here once they ran into that guy with the big blue dong. 'Cause he hates war. And just why do robots always wanna kill us anyway?

The film will be based on a graphic novel -and toy line, of course- by Australian artist Ashley Wood, who confirmed the deal on his blog and reassured fans that his original concept and art would be respected. Maybe this guy should have a chat with Alan Moore...

Extra Tidbit: Wood also created "Zombies vs Robots". Now THAT I wanna see a film about. Throw Bruce Campbell and his Boomstick in there and you got a movie-geek's wet dream!
Source: Variety



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