Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul stand in a field for the first image from season five of Breaking Bad

There are only three episodes left of MAD MEN, so July 15th needs to come the f*ck on.

What happens on that date you might ask? Well, the premiere of the fifth and final season of BREAKING BAD, that's what. It was revealed recently that the final season would be broken into two parts. The first eight episodes would begin on July 15th and the other eight episodes would premiere Summer of 2013. The upside is, at least it won't be completely out of our lives until next year. After that we will be happily stuck watching reruns, picking apart and decrypting each episode.

While I'm not surprised that they aren't giving us much in terms of previews and what not, a promo photo was released by AMC for the fifth season. It's Walt and Jessie standing in a field. Why are they standing in a field? Guess you'll find out soon enough.

Source: AMC



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