Bryan Cranston to yell at John Carter on Mars

Finally, someone out there turned on “Breaking Bad” and saw that Bryan Cranston is perhaps the greatest working actor on TV today. He’s been snatched for a role in JOHN CARTER OF MARS, joining the ever expanding cast of (deep breath) James Purefoy, Mark Strong, Dominic West, Thomas Hayden Church, Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe, Samantha Morton, Polly Walker and of course, Taylor Kitsch as the titular Carter.

Crantson will play a Civil War colonel who clashes with Carter, and the film starts shooting next week. The man won an Emmy recently for his work on “Breaking Bad,” and if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you take a look, as the story of a chemistry teacher making meth as he’s dying of cancer is one of the better shows on TV today, and Cranston gives a powerful performance week after week.

Cranston is also lined up for another military film role in George Lucas’ RED TAILS, which is coming out….eventually. Must be that wicked awesome shaved head look he’s rocking these days.

As for JOHN CARTER? This project is shaping up to be pretty epic out of nowhere, and despite my unfamiliarity with the mythology, I’m looking forward to seeing just what the hell it’s all about.

Extra Tidbit: "Malcolm in the Middle" was underrated.
Source: Heat Vision



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