Bryan Cranston will be fighting crime in Ruben Fleischer's Gangster Squad

To me, Bryan Cranston will always be 'Dr. Tim Whatley'. Seriously, I can't look at him and not think of "Seinfeld", even though the man's made such tremendous strides in TV ("Breaking Bad") in the years since. Thanks to all the that, though, Cranston's been landing film gigs left and right, particularly of late. Just yesterday, he secured a role in Ben Affleck's upcoming political thriller ARGO, and now the beloved actor will be joining Ruben Fleischer's period police drama GANGSTER SQUAD.

The film - written by former LAPD officer Will Beall and based on a series of articles by LA Times writer Paul Lieberman - follows the exploits of an elite squad of police officers tasked with keeping East Coast organized crime figures out of Los Angeles during a time of increased crime and corruption in the 1940s. According to Variety, Cranston will play Max Kennard, "a laconic LAPD officer from Texas who enforces the law ambitiously." He joins an impressive cast that includes his DRIVE co-star Ryan Gosling, as well as Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Michael Peña, and Anthony Mackie.

Cranston is currently filming on ROCK OF AGES and TOTAL RECALL. He can be seen this weekend in the Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts feel-good movie LARRY CROWNE, and then this September in Nicolas Winding Refn's DRIVE.
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Source: Variety



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