Bryce in Terminator?

It looks like John Connor could be getting a new babe for TERMINATOR SALVATION. Charlotte Gainsbourg, who had signed on to star as John Connor's wife Kate, was forced to drop out after the TERMINATOR production conflicted with a previously scheduled French comedy. "Forget that big-budget American action film! I've got a French comedy to make!" In negotiations to replace Gainsbourg is Bryce Dallas Howard. Howard starred last in SPIDER-MAN 3 and took some time off after the birth of her first child. There must be something in the Kate Connor lineage as a similar situation happened in TERMINATOR 3 with the same character. Sophia Bush had first signed on to play the role but director Jonathan Mostow felt she was too young for the part and brought in Claire Danes to replace her. Howard would join Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood and Common. Filming on TERMINATOR SALVATION is currently underway in New Mexico and it's unclear if Gainsbourg had already filmed some scenes.

Extra Tidbit: Bryce - hottest redhead in Hollywood?



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