BTTF video game?

Let's be clear about one thing before I start: this is NOT any kind of video or test from an upcoming BACK TO THE FUTURE video game. As far as I'm aware, there is no BACK TO THE FUTURE video game in the works. But what we have below gives us an opportunity to see what a BTTF video game might look like.

What we actually have here is a mod for the highly popular PC games "Crysis" and "Crysis Wars" that users can download and adapt into their game. It allows the gamer to drive the famous DeLorean around the game and even travel through time when you hit 88mph. What you'll see in parts of this video though is when the user exits the car, it's very much back to the FPS element of "Crysis" and doesn't appear to have much in line at all with a BTTF game (I can't imagine having Marty running around with a sub-machine gun).

All this said, it could be something that sparks interest somewhere into developing a BTTF game for 360 or PS3. I think adapting the storyline into a playable game would be relatively difficult but might be worth it. After checking out this video, is it something you'd want to play?

Extra Tidbit: Maybe Spielberg could be involved through is partnership with EA...
Source: Tirido



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