Buffy vs. Batman?

Despite having battled bloodsuckers for seven years on BUFFY, Sarah Michelle Gellar hasn't really had a movie role with any kind of bite since her devious vixen in 1999's CRUEL INTENTIONS. Will she be taking her stake (Mr. Pointy?) out of retirement to battle another creature of the night?

The rumor currently making the rounds is that Gellar may be in the Batman sequel THE DARK KNIGHT. Speculation then immediately arose that she'd play the Joker's lover and accomplice Harley Quinn, an acrobatic Arkham Asylum therapist who goes ga-ga for the grinning psycho and dons a jester costume to assist in his crimes.

Only time and/or an official Variety announcement will tell if this holds true, but the Bats sequel (to a prequel/reboot, making it... a seprequelboot?) starts production in the coming weeks, so if Gellar's involved we'll know soon. The Harley Quinn character first appeared on the outstanding animated Batman series and was then transitioned into the ongoing comics, much like Detective Renee Montoya, who we also hear might make an appearance in the new movie.
Extra Tidbit: Gellar plays a porn star named Krysta Now in Richard Kelly's SOUTHLAND TALES, which we might get to actually see some day.
Source: Whedon.info



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