Bullock poster

Normally I couldn't muster up nearly enough excitement to post about a Sandra Bullock movie poster, but this one is relatively cool and everyone is nursing their post-Oscar hangover on a slow Tuesday morning. What we have here is the one-sheet for Bullock's upcoming thriller PREMONITION, which is one of those repeating days/time travel type movies like that awful Taye Diggs show "Day Break" that was cancelled after about three episodes. The movie tells the story of a woman who learns her husband was murdered and then wakes up the next morning and (SHOCKGASP!!) he's alive! She realizes she's back in time a few days before he died and this pattern continues until she has to come to some sort of revelation about something. The film is either a remake or ripoff of the Japanese film YOGEN, which had very similar themes. The poster below makes use of the trees to show a hidden Sandra Bullock face, which apparently is a theme in the movie (hidden messages in photos). If you're sufficiently interested, click here to check out some stills and the trailer.

Source: JoBlo.com



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