Bullseye revealed!

As you read this, in the bowels of a Los Angeles hotel, online journalists are gathering for a chat with the cast and crew of DAREDEVIL. JoBlo's cub reporter John Gunn will be on hand and will file his report in the coming days. There they will be lucky enough to view the trailer, chat with Ben, Jen, Michael Clarke, John and Joe as well as the director, Mark Steven Johnson and the film's producers. Also part of their day will be a full look at Colin Farrell in costume as Bullseye (not in person but the first promo shot). While we don't have the luxury of seeing that full shot right now, USA Today ran a small headshot of Farrell in today's issue. Take a look:

Those of you who read the site often know that I've been a huge supporter of DAREDEVIL from the get-go. I loved the casting choices (Coolio aside), I loved the costumes, what I'd read of the script...everything was going well and I couldn't have been a more vocal ass-kisser of the film. Until now. I'm truly disappointed and disturbed by this Bullseye. The scar doesn't do it for me in a way that makes me think of another superhero movie villain, the Green Goblin. And is that me or is he sporting bushy Bert eyebrows? I had heard rumors that Bullseye was the most disappointing of the characters in the film (look wise NOT attitude wise). I didn't want to believe it was true. I hope that when I see other, larger images I will change my mind. I hope that when I see Colin Farrell on screen I leave my baggage behind. I hope...

Source: USA Today
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