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NO COUNTRY, admittedly, was great, but I just can't forget about how much I hated INTOLERABLE CRUELTY I don't even remember if that film was eight hours long, or if it just felt that way, or if that was just the number of times I tried to impale myself while watching it. As such, normally I'd be tentative about getting excited about the Coens' next project, but when they've got George Clooney and Brad Pitt (both of whom give me bro-ners) starring with the Malkovich and Frances McDormand, I think it's okay to start getting pumped. Plus, you know, remember THE BIG LEBOWSKI. The picture is BELOW, click on Clooney's popcorn to enlarge that sucker.

BURN AFTER READING sees Ozzie Coxs (Malkovich), a former CIA agent have his ex-wife (McDormand) steal a disc containing his memoirs and accidentally leaving it at the gym. It is found by a trainer (Pitt) who believes he can use the info to blackmail Cox. George Clooney will play an assassin hired by the CIA to take care of the situation.
Extra Tidbit: I still think that the single greatest delivery of a line, ever, was when Brad Pitt said 'You hit me in the ear!' in FIGHT CLUB.
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