Burton in Wonderland

You may have wondered how eccentric director Tim Burton would follow his musical bloodbath SWEENEY TODD. You probably didn't guess it would be an animated Disney movie.

Burton's next project will be a 3-D version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, which will combine live-action footage with the "performance capture" animation that's (probably) about to be popularized by BEOWULF. The movie begins production in early 2008.

The trippy story, based on Lewis Carroll's classic literary nonsense, follows a young girl who travels through a rabbit-hole into a freaky fantasy realm filled with talking animals and various sanity-shattering situations. Which really makes it prime material for Burton's idiosyncratic vision, and likely to feature his signature accessible-Goth style (and Helena Bonham Carter). Disney's first animated version of the tale was more than 50 years ago.

ALICE is the first of Burton's Disney deal -- he's also doing a stop-motion 3-D feature of FRANKENWEENIE, based on his 1984 short about a young scientist who brings his dead dog back to life.
Extra Tidbit: Burton's really gonna have to work if he wants to out-strange his aesthetic cousin, Czech filmmaker Jan Švankmajer's hypnotically bizarre and disturbing version of Carroll's already surreal story.
Source: Variety



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