Butch Cassidy Remake?

  butch Cruise and John Sundance

Whenever idiotic fluff shows like Access Hollywood "break news" by saying there are reports, which means probably invented by some obscure blogger in dire need of attention, you can double the intensity of your hilarity. But in this case they held a poll that garnered scary results...

The always-oh-so-reliable TV "news" show says there are reports of John Travolta looking at the possibility of a BUTCH CASSIDY remake. And that's not all - he'd like to do it with Tom Cruise. Butch Scientology and the Couchdance Kid? I thought Affleck and Damon wanted to do that...

Now here's the disturbing part -'cause it was still just laughable until now- the show's website held a poll to gauge people's reaction to the idea, and the results have a whopping 33% saying it's a great idea. One third of respondents actually WANT this. Nothing scientific in their research for sure, but still, and I never -EVER- thought I'd say this: thank God Paul Newman's dead. Witnessing that is something he absolutely did not deserve.

Extra Tidbit: I can't decide it it's the remake or those two in it I'm completely against.
Source: Latino Review



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