Butler boards Freighter

I've been pretty underwhelmed with Gerard Butler's post-300 career moves, but I like the dude and if anyone's gonna set him straight it's going to be the guy that Spartafied him in the first place. After rumors ran rife that Butler was gonna be playing a role in WATCHMEN to the point that it seemed like he might be playing every role, NORBIT style, Empire finally laid the speculation to rest today. He will indeed be playing the lead in TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER, a planned animated adaptation that will be on the eventual DVD release. Unfortunately I don't remember all that much about the comic-within-a-comic, but I'm sure it will be both awesome, and Scottish. Butler would play Hitler Scottish. He had the following to say: "I’m going to do the voice of the captain... They’re going to do it in the style of a Japanese anime and I’m totally stoked. I actually read the script before reading the comic book and I thought it was awesome... Then I read the comic book and it’s great. The little bits that have been added define it so much more. It’s very dark and there’s just something so descriptive and scary. It’s this descent into madness but explained in such a sane way that you totally feel it yourself. By the end, my heart was pumping!”
Extra Tidbit: NIM'S ISLAND does not exist.
Source: Empire



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